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Provides accounting and financial information and recommendations to management of affiliated group of five ethnic specialty restaurants which pool their equipment, supply, and foodstuff purchases for greater efficiencies. Responsible for analysis of costs associated with each factor of enterprise. Assists restaurants in setting up and enhancing user-friendly cost and usage reporting systems. Applying principles of accounting analysis, statistics, and related knowledge, prepares reports comparing costs and revenues to ascertain profitability of operations, and analyzing costs attributable to each component. Identifies areas of concern over excess costs. Makes recommendations for better control and reduction of costs where possible. Studies price structure for acquisition of foodstuffs with view toward identifying alternative, cost-effective new sources of supply, menu modifications, and other means toward better efficiency. Analyzes accounting and financial options for proposed acquisition of new restaurants and advises management accordingly, considering relevant data such as basic cost of acquisition and leasing, equipment and supply acquisition, availability of financing internally and from commercial sources, and all other relevant financial information. Performs internal audits of various restaurant sites to locate inefficiencies and recommend remediation. Provides significant input for management use in formulating annual budgets, and thereafter, in budget modifications. Reporting obligations include regular, routine reporting and special, upon-request reports.


  1.    Bachelor Degree in Accounting or closely related
  2.    1 year of experience in Job Offered as COST ACCOUNTANT

Submit resume at 4017 W. Riverside Dr, Burbank, CA 91505 or Fine Thai Food, LLC. dba Gindi Thai Restaurant. Attn: HR.